Soon you wil be able to unleash your competitive spirit with a new tennis ranking system.

How It Works

Step 1

Set your estimated level at the club, it will be used as a starting level for ranking and adjust with results entered.

Step 2

Opt in or out of premium, your first month is on us. For just the price of a cappuccino each month, help make tennis more engaging for everyone. Premium members get exclusive access to track their ranking progress and enjoy additional features.

Step 3

The core results features are free! Continue booking courts as you always have. After each match, you can easily record your result. Every result submitted refines your level and position on the club ranking.

Step 4

Level Adjustments Defined: Your ranking isn’t just about win or loss. It’s calibrated based on:

  • The score difference between you and your opponent.
  • A comparison of your current level against your opponent’s level.
  • The number of matches you’ve played.
  • Bonus points for competing against a larger group of opponents.

Much like a tennis player’s well disguised drop shot, some details of our algorithm is kept under wraps to maintain our unique edge on the court of digital innovations.

What do you get for premium?

View your level

View your tennis level ranked from 0 to 10.
Also view all other club members levels regardless if they are premium members.

View your club ranking

Most clubs have a inactive rankingboard that just doesnt seem to work, done are those days!

You will have a singles and doubles level number and this will be used to rank you on club ranking page.

Also each combination of doubles partnership will have their own club ranking.

View your tennis stats

On your profile you will see stats on your tennis level and rankings. We will be refining and adding more statistics as we get feedback from premium members on what they want to see.

View match specific stats

See how each match result effects your level and your club rankings.

Keep track of your head to head stats vs your tennis regulars.
See who has won the most matches and the most sets.

Why do we charge

Developing this innovative ranking system came with its set of expenses. We’ve invested to offer tennis enthusiasts a dynamic experience and are committed to continuous improvement. Think of it in line with the Golf Handicap system: quality isn’t always free.

For just the cost of a cappuccino each month, support our proudly South African initiative to elevate the tennis experience for everyone.

We would love some feedback

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